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  • Quarterback Sneak

    by Kandi Steiner

    Reviewed November 10, 2022

    Design 4.7 / 5 So I gave the previous book a 4.5 design rating and I have to give this one a little bit better rating because the design consistency is really stepping things up - it’s engaging and Read More

  • False Start

    by Piper Rayne

    Reviewed November 8, 2022

    Design 4.9 / 5 There’s such a crispness to the design of this new series, and since this book is a prequel and just an all-out tease, so is this cover. Who are we kidding? It’s perfect. It’s a Read More

  • Single and Ready to Jingle

    by Piper Rayne

    Reviewed November 8, 2022

    Design: 4.7 / 5 A lot of firsts for me with this book: the first time I’ve read a holiday-themed romance book and first time I’ve read a book whose cover is all type and illustration instead of a Read More

  • The Prince of Hawthorne Prep

    by Jennifer Sucevic

    Reviewed November 3, 2022

    Design: 5/5 The cover design of this book soooo echoes the interior pages! The look on the model’s face… he’s supposed to represent Austin and boy does it give us a sinister feeling. But that’s the feeling we get Read More

  • The Fall of Us (Love in Isolation Book 5)

    by Kennedy Fox

    Reviewed October 30, 2022

    Design: 5/5 Just like all of the books in the “Love in Isolation” series, the cover is amazing! This series’ covers, hands down, get a 5 out of 5 rating because I love both the simplicity and complexity of Read More

  • Dr. Harley

    by AK Landow

    Reviewed July 1, 2022

    Design: 5.0 This cover is on FIRE! From the very first moment that I saw it, my jaw dropped. Wow. It is sultry and so sexy. When I first saw this cover, I had already read “Knight” the first Read More

  • Blind Side

    by Kandi Steiner

    Reviewed June 28, 2022

    Design: 4.5 I have to admit that I was somewhat curious and skeptical of the cover design of this book - but it kept popping up everywhere around its release: on my socials, in author newsletters, Amazon… it was Read More

  • Knight

    by AK Landow

    Reviewed June 24, 2022

    Design: 4.4 Really solid design for this book. I like the style that the designer has come up with for this series: the photographs on the cover follow a certain style with the lighting and stance, along with the Read More

  • Defiant Heart

    by Brighton Walsh

    Reviewed June 24, 2022

    Design: 4.7 Suck me in with those eyes, why don’t you?!? The cover model depicting Brady, HELLO!!! Those eyes are magnetic - you have no choice but to be sucked right in! Those Carribean blue-green eyes “pop” right out, Read More

  • Unexpected

    by Elizabeth Aton

    Reviewed June 21, 2022

    Design: 4.9 This design grade is going to be unapologetically based solely on the cover. Its simplicity with the black and white photo of the cover model - who BTW is hot-as-sin!!! - with the simple sans serif title Read More

  • Tempting the Cowboy

    by Kennedy Fox

    Reviewed June 7, 2022

    Design: 5/5 I have loved the cover design of this entire series from the very first book! This cover is no exception. I love the branding that they’ve created with the series from the style of the imagery, the Read More

  • Every Sweet Regret

    by Lexi Ryan

    Reviewed March 23, 2022

    Design: 5/5 The design of the entire Orchid Valley series is simply perfection-embodied in book format. It is gorgeous, beautiful, sensual, sexy - pure perfection! I so desperately wish that I would have designed this series - I have Read More

  • Sneaking Around With #34

    by Piper Rayne

    Reviewed March 23, 2022

    Design: 5/5 I can’t but give this book a perfect design score. The Hockey Hotties series design is on point, the juxtaposition of the black and white cover models that are just… everything… and the font combos and their Read More

  • Built To Last

    by Eden Rayna

    Reviewed March 23, 2022

    Design: 4.9/5 I loooooove the cover design of this series! It is most often near impossible to pull black off successfully like this, but this sets the standard! Want to see how to do it successfully? Look at this Read More

  • The Heart of Us

    by Kennedy Fox

    Reviewed March 23, 2022

    Design: 5/5 I am obsessed with the design of this entire series - and it doesn’t matter if I’m referring to the actual covers or the covert covers. They are beautiful and provocative, and so contemporary. The simplicity of Read More

  • Tame My Life

    by Hayley Faiman

    Reviewed March 23, 2022

    Design: 4.7/5 I totally dig it! The cover graphic, I love the juxtaposition of the black and white photo that is oh so provocative and hawwwt, with the two different font choices. Red is a color or lust - Read More

  • Caged in Winter

    by Brighton Walsh

    Reviewed March 11, 2022

    Design rating: 4.5 / 5 This book gets a solid 4.5 design rating. The cover is perfect for this book: the models, their pose, the font choices, the emotion that the cover evokes - it is so perfect for Read More

  • Crank – A Dark MC Romance

    by Caitlyn Dare

    Reviewed March 5, 2022

    Design: 4.6 stars The design of this entire series is solid! From the series logo itself on the cover of each book, to the extremely hot cover model with his/her suggestive pose/look/oozing sex appeal, to the title’s font choice. Read More

  • Reckless at Heart

    by Zoe York

    Reviewed March 4, 2022

    Design: 3.8 Mmmm, what a delectable specimen of a man that graces the cover of this book - that much is evident. It makes your mind start racing and wanting to get to know who this hunk is. The Read More

  • My Twist of Fortune

    by Piper Rayne

    Reviewed March 4, 2022

    Design: 4.6 The design of this book sets the tone for all of the Greene Family book series, and it is beautiful and so perfect for the stories and location that it is set in. The cover art, font Read More

  • My Beautiful Neighbor

    by Piper Rayne

    Reviewed March 4, 2022

    Design: 4.7 I’m so obsessed with the cover design of the whole Greene family series - and this is one of my favorites!!! The layout, the picture, the fonts, the whole damn thing. I wished that I would have Read More

  • Full Position

    by Mari Carr

    Reviewed March 4, 2022

    Design: 3.7 The cover certainly evokes the ménage á trois that is to be found on the pages that follow. The imagery is enticing and makes you double-take, “what is going on here?!” The fonts and colors are fitting, Read More

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