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July 1, 2022

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by Elizabeth Aton

Reviewed June 21, 2022

“Don’t you want to know what words I would use for you?” “Sure. And don’t say I have good breeding hips, or I will hurt you.” He laughs, and I poke him with my index finger in the stomach. The laughter ceases as he shifts closer to me, so close I have to tilt my head back to see him. His voice is a smokey purr. “Beautiful. Beguiling. Ravishing.” His head lowers so I can feel his lips feather the shell of my ear, and I stop breathing. “Tempting.” Hot waves of desire crash over my flushed skin, and I shudder. I feel his lips curve into a smile against my ear, and he steps just close enough to me that his chest presses against the points of my breasts."

Design: 4.9

This design grade is going to be unapologetically based solely on the cover. Its simplicity with the black and white photo of the cover model – who BTW is hot-as-sin!!! – with the simple sans serif title in slight variations of dark blue… it’s just perfect for the one word title. Let’s not joke around. It’s simply perfect. Due to the simplicity and few elements, typographically speaking, there isn’t anything to discuss – period, end of story. The sans serif is there and just supports the focal point: the cover model. Speaking of which, I’ve since learned from Elizabeth Aton’s explanation that his name is JJ and we should all just go, “Ohhhh haaaaaaay JJ – how you doin’?!?” because I want to know how he’s “doin’”… and can I see some more of him, please? Having that visual representation of Whit, the lead character, is just… it might even be too much. It’s just so good. We know Whit is “haaawt” but seeing JJ as Whit, it makes your cheeks blush just a little bit more when reading the book. And I’ll just leave you with that…

Review: 5.0

This is Elizabeth Aton’s literary debut, and what a debut it is! Hoooooly $hit! There’s so much here – how do I count the ways and start to unpack the depths of this book? Let’s just say that it’s a lot – but in the best possible way. To get the basics out of the way: the writing is superb; the characters and the character development is phenomenal; the level of detail is just how I love it – like seriously, l-o-v-e it!; this is a can’t-put-it-down book for sure; and the storyline itself… wow, just wow.

This book is all about the storyline, and you best prepare yourself to get emotionally invested as well as beyond emotional. This book makes your heart hurt – and this is a good thing! To me, the mark of a great writer is when they make you physically hurt, when the writer’s humor is so amazing that you snort-laugh and or full-belly laugh, and when their writing and story is so compelling that you actually weep… that’s some fantastic writing! Well, Aton’s got that in spades. This book H-U-R-T-S!!!! My heart is still in cardiac arrest after the ups-and-downs that Aton put me through – maybe you should consider putting a warning on this book, Elizabeth! Like, seriously, give a girl a warning or something. How much shit can Ava go through, endure, and then pull herself up and keep existing? Phewww. I’m exhausted just recounting it in my head right now. I mean, poor Ava: her story is so tragic. But what is more important for her character is her heart and perseverance – which is just everything. Despite her life circumstances and what is thrown at her – which is literally everything AND the kitchen sink – you don’t pity her. Sure, you feel sorry for her – because how can you not? You’re just heartless if you don’t feel sorry for her! But her strength of character and her pure and kind heart are really at the direct core of this book.

Pair that with Whit… oh Whit. You are just about everything. Aton threw the kitchen sink at us with Whit (too many kitchen sink analogies?). Well, he’s like the kitchen sink of check-lists when it comes to the hot male lead in a HEA book, ready? Rockstar, check. Loving single dad, check. Hot-as-sin, check. Genuine and nice; check. Savior, check. Sexy AF, check. Sultry, check. Talented, check. Kind, check. Did I say sexy? Because, check, check and check. Ugh… and Aton got this hot AF cover model (JJ is his name) to represent Whit, and he’ll haunt your dreams.

The two main characters in “Unexpected” are so complex and the level of depth that Aton has written them in is simply admirable. All of the supporting characters are incredible as well. The setting and supporting elements help make this storyline soar. And then the challenges that are always present in this genre of book, well damn! You know how some books are predictable, or you get an inkling of what’s to come? Yeah, well there’s none of that here! Aton will knock you on your ass, time and again – the shock factor, the other shoe dropping moments… just wow! There are so many twists and turns in this book that it is incredible. I told you that this was a “can’t put it down” book!!! The twists and turns are one of the reasons for that. And it’s utterly exhausting because you’re so emotionally invested, yet you can’t put it down! Again, signs of a GREAT writer!!! Way to go Elizabeth!

I had to award this book my perfect score – it checks all of my criteria boxes, and then some. The last time my heart hurt this much reading a book was Kennedy Fox’s “Baby Mine” where I was literally all-out ugly crying and sobbing. Well, “Unexpected” had me crying, it had my heart in cardiac arrest and hurting so bad, it had me snort-laughing, it had me so intrigued, and the chemistry and meet-cue between Ava and Whit will have you on the edge of your seat and incredibly turned on like you’ve never been before. So do I recommend this book? Heck yes I do! Clear the rest of your day and put the “do not disturb” sign up, fill the coffee maker (or maybe you need wine for this?), open a fresh box of tissues – you’re going to need it all. Just an incredible book with one of the most compelling stories I’ve read in a long time. Bravo to you Elizabeth – and please thank your husband for “investing” in you and the cover for this novel, the world thanks you (and him) for bringing JJ to us as Whit.

Amazon excerpt:

I’m a waitress. He’s a Rockstar. It was supposed to be simple. He was the gorgeous mystery occupying a stool at the bar. An anonymous one-night stand. No names, no numbers, no regrets. A temporary escape for us. Mine from the brutality of my life, his from a life in the spotlight. Both of us trying to ease the pain of unimaginable loss. Unfortunately, nothing good ever stays secret for long, and the consequences of our tryst send our lives toppling over a cliff so steep, we may never be able to climb out. Everything that happens after is unexpected.

UNEXPECTED is an unputdownable emotional new adult full-length, standalone single dad rockstar contemporary romance about missed connections, loss, learning to love, and being slow to trust again. This love story between a celebrity and a heroine with a hard life is rife with plot twists, steamy encounters, and emotional hairpin turns. UNEXPECTED is a sexy novel that has no cheating, cliffhangers, or love triangles. What you will find is a good smutty book with a little bit of angst and a definite HEA.

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