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  • The Joy Of Us (Love in Isolation book 6)

    by Kennedy Fox

    Reviewed November 22, 2022

    Design 5/5 I don’t even need to talk about this design… pfff. It’s gorgeous. I’ve talked about the design of this series before and it’s complete and utter beauty and perfection. (See my review of The Fall of Us, because Read More

  • Quarterback Sneak

    by Kandi Steiner

    Reviewed November 10, 2022

    Design 4.7 / 5 So I gave the previous book a 4.5 design rating and I have to give this one a little bit better rating because the design consistency is really stepping things up - it’s engaging and getting Read More

  • False Start

    by Piper Rayne

    Reviewed November 8, 2022

    Design 4.9 / 5 There’s such a crispness to the design of this new series, and since this book is a prequel and just an all-out tease, so is this cover. Who are we kidding? It’s perfect. It’s a college-based Read More

  • Single and Ready to Jingle

    by Piper Rayne

    Reviewed November 8, 2022

    Design: 4.7 / 5 A lot of firsts for me with this book: the first time I’ve read a holiday-themed romance book and first time I’ve read a book whose cover is all type and illustration instead of a photograph-based Read More

  • The Prince of Hawthorne Prep

    by Jennifer Sucevic

    Reviewed November 3, 2022

    Design: 5/5 The cover design of this book soooo echoes the interior pages! The look on the model’s face… he’s supposed to represent Austin and boy does it give us a sinister feeling. But that’s the feeling we get at Read More

  • The Fall of Us (Love in Isolation Book 5)

    by Kennedy Fox

    Reviewed October 30, 2022

    Design: 5/5 Just like all of the books in the “Love in Isolation” series, the cover is amazing! This series’ covers, hands down, get a 5 out of 5 rating because I love both the simplicity and complexity of them Read More

  • Dr. Harley

    by AK Landow

    Reviewed July 1, 2022

    Design: 5.0 This cover is on FIRE! From the very first moment that I saw it, my jaw dropped. Wow. It is sultry and so sexy. When I first saw this cover, I had already read “Knight” the first book Read More

  • Blind Side

    by Kandi Steiner

    Reviewed June 28, 2022

    Design: 4.5 I have to admit that I was somewhat curious and skeptical of the cover design of this book - but it kept popping up everywhere around its release: on my socials, in author newsletters, Amazon… it was like Read More

  • Knight

    by AK Landow

    Reviewed June 24, 2022

    Design: 4.4 Really solid design for this book. I like the style that the designer has come up with for this series: the photographs on the cover follow a certain style with the lighting and stance, along with the visual Read More

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