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November 15, 2022

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Single and Ready to Jingle

by Piper Rayne

Reviewed November 8, 2022

“Meant to tell you when you took your coat off earlier, love that shirt.” Not what I was expecting him to say, but I smile. I was thinking of him when I put on my shirt that says, “When I think about you, I touch my elf.” A cartoon elf at the very bottom hem hangs in front of my pussy. “I thought you might.” I try to keep my voice even, but it comes out weak and breathy as he bites my earlobe. “Mind if I take it off?”

Design: 4.7 / 5

A lot of firsts for me with this book: the first time I’ve read a holiday-themed romance book and first time I’ve read a book whose cover is all type and illustration instead of a photograph-based image. I don’t know why but I’ve shied away from the illustration-type covers. No real reason, it’s just happened. This book is the prime example of why I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? Because firstly, I love me some Piper Rayne! Secondly, this cover is gorgeous! This cover is so perfect for this story – something that I love! The greenish-turquoise background juxtaposed with the two strings of twinkle lights and their subtle holiday colors, mixed with the illustrations of Kenzie and Andrew and how they’re connected with the title is just perfect. It’s playful, festive, and so on point! Mixed in are slight snowflakes… The entire design is so approachable and enticing. The designer deserves major props for all of their design choices here – because even though this cover seems simplistic, it is in fact very complex. And all of the design choices have resulted in an incredible design.

Review: 4.5 / 5

The Hallmark Channel called and they want your manuscript, Piper Rayne! If this isn’t the best book-to-Hallmark movie, I don’t know what is! Like seriously. It’s got it all going on: holiday-galore, cutesy couples and holiday things; hot AF and grumpy guy meets a smart, sexy and sassy leading lady; disastrous first date; forbidden romance; brother’s best friend… I’ll stop with all of the fitting tropes because you get the point – but this is all you have to know: this story as a movie would KILL IT on the Hallmark channel!

Now, let me start by saying that I am a biiiiiiiiiiig Piper Rayne fan – ohhhhh hayyyyy ladies! Holla’ at-cha girl. They haven’t steered me wrong yet and that is PRECISELY why I let them pop my holiday-themed book cherry. That’s right, up until this book, I’ve literally avoided a contemporary romance book that is holiday-centered and focused. Why, you ask? Ohhh, I don’t knowwwww… it just seemed like a lot to take on with a lot of mushy holiday-related “stuff” and I didn’t know if I could subscribe to it. Yes, bah humbug. I’m owning it. Don’t hate on me – it’s not like I said that I hated the holidays or holiday-related romance books – I just said that it seemed like a lot of mushy romance to take on. What that says about me, well, that’s to be determined… BUT back to this book, because I trusted Piper Rayne to pop this cherry. I knew that those ladies had their stuff down pat and that the story would be good – nay, great! – my doubts on the holiday genre aside.

Can I just say that I loved MacKenzie from the very start? We should totally be friends! I love her bubbly personality, smarts, creativity and positivity – mostly her positivity. She’s a survivor – she has survived whatever has been thrown at her. Props girl! But at the same time, I just want to go all Mama Bear on her and step in and support her and help her stand up for herself – and now here is where we can all say, “thank god for Andrew!” We, the readers, did not necessarily get off on the right foot with Andrew, let’s just call it for what it is – the grumpy, rude Brit… but that accent though…. Wait, was I the only one “hearing” the accent in my head while reading? I certainly hope not. Such a great accent… I digress.

Kenzie and Andrew’s meet-cute was hilarious, sweet and disastrous all at the same time. I immediately disliked Andrew and it took me quite a few pages to start warming up to him. Just being honest here. But of course Piper Rayne eventually win us over when it comes to Andrew, and we even understand- and sympathize with him *sigh. Who saw that coming? Amiright?

For me this story was really cute, funny, and sexy where it needed to be. Spicy at times – such good spice – the spice is always welcome. It was a pretty quick read, and slightly light-hearted in that the big point of contention that always happens about two-thirds through these contemporary HEA romance books… well, that point of contention wasn’t nerve-wracking and putting me on edge. It was a nice break actually. But I will say that Piper Rayne certainly managed to pull at our heartstrings a bit with some of the things that both Kenzie and Andrew reveal in what they have gone through, primarily Kenzie. It’s almost painful to read because you feel so offended and insulted on her behalf, wanting to get all Mama Bear and step up and wrap her up in a protective blanket. But that’s just the mark of good writing, isn’t it? When the writer tugs at your emotions and gets the reader to react… well, react you certainly will.

In short, for my first go-around in the holiday-themed book trope, I’m happy to announce that I’m very pleased with my decision to let Piper Rayne lead the way for me. Their writing and stories are always so addicting and this story was no different. This one will certainly get you into the holiday spirit and it was just the right amount of sweet, sexy, and cheesy – and I say cheesy in a very positive way… I mean, I started this review by outing myself about being a Scrooge when it came to romance books whose story-focus was that around the holidays. Remember? So I expected a certain amount of sweet cheesy moments. But here’s where Piper Rayne’s incredible writing talent comes in: this book was no different from any of their others that I’m obsessed with, the writing was impeccable, the story and characters are so amazing – and in this particular book you get swooped off your feet into a romantic winter wonderland. Thanks for leading me down this holiday rabbit hole, ladies. Now I’m off to search for other holiday-romance novels while I play the Hallmark channel in the background. I’ll be watching out for the “Single And Ready to Mingle” holiday movie to come out, what? Late November of 2023? I at least expect that the Hallmark channel will be lighting up your phones, Piper and Rayne, as soon as this book hits Kindles!


The girl who loves Christmas falls for the Grinch—it’s a Christmas miracle.

What started as a dumpster fire of a blind date turns into a deal.

In truth, it probably didn’t help that I showed up dressed like an elf but that’s a story for another time. Our start was rocky at best which is why it’s so frustrating that I can’t stop thinking about his sexy British accent. Or the way his chest and arms fill out his suit. Or his perfect hair with that single streak of grey at the front.

Santa likes lists and so do I, so here’s all the reasons why Andrew and I aren’t right for each other:

He’s my brother’s best friend

He’s the biggest grump I’ve ever met.

He hates Christmas.

That last one is big for a girl like me who thinks that the entire month of December should be a national holiday. So, when he calls for my help in planning his firm’s holiday party, I can’t pass up the opportunity to grow my small business. Bonus, we make a deal, and he agrees to attend three holiday events with me so I can make him fall in love with Christmas. As if I’d pass up an opportunity to make a Grinch’s heart grow three times its size.

It isn’t long until I discover Andrew has a very real reason to hate Christmas and I start to see him in a different light. That’s when the Christmas miracle begins.

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