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Before submitting a review request to the Happily Ever After Blog:

If you are an author and think that I”ll enjoy your HEA romance book, please fill out the book review request form to the right.

If there is a question, issue or you’d like to mail me a hard copy, please email me at: hea@thehappilyeverafterblog.com

I will happily take a look, but make no promises of a review.

I appreciate all requests and will respond to those that I decide to read. But just because I decide to read it does not guarantee that I will review it. And if I do not respond to your request, please do not take offense.

Before submitting a review request, please look at my reviews to make sure that you actually want me to review your book. Even though I always look at the positive things and will rave about them, if I don’t like something or have an issue with something in a book, there’s a chance that I will share that, give a rating according to my opinion and impression, or I’ll opt to simply not review your book.

The reviews that I share are posted here as well as to this blog’s social media accounts.

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