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October 19, 2022

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Quarterback Sneak

by Kandi Steiner

Reviewed November 10, 2022

He hissed a groan, the sound like the birth of an addiction as it reverberated over my neck and met the shell of my ear. Holden angled his head down, the tip of his nose in my hair as he rasped, “I saw you dancing last night.” I arched my back, grabbing his hands and moving them a little lower, to my hips. His fingers bunched the fabric there, feeling how thin it was, how little separated us. I feigned innocence, “Did you now?” “You know I did,” he challenged, his voice low in my ear as we moved together. Another blast of the fog machine covered us, and I felt his fingers bunch the fabric of my dress a bit more. “And you know I loved it, too.” I reveled in the admission, in hearing him say it, in knowing he’d seen me and hadn’t been able to look away. “Was it the heels you loved most?” “No,” he answered immediately, and he held me tighter to him, letting me feel the hardening length of him against my backside as he lowered his lips closer to my ear. “What I loved most was seeing you down on your knees.”

Design 4.7 / 5

So I gave the previous book a 4.5 design rating and I have to give this one a little bit better rating because the design consistency is really stepping things up – it’s engaging and getting better and better with each book in the series. I remember saying I was somewhat skeptical about the cover of the previous book because I found the image – nay, the facial expression of the model – to be a little … provocative in its arrogance? Maybe. Something like that. But in hindsight, the whole thing was a perfect fit for the book – the cover echoed the interior content. I love when that happens! And now this is the third book and the design is just so fitting – this is probably my favorite cover design in this series thus far. The font and model and the whole thing is executed very well. If anything, the font choice REALLY works well on this cover in particular – better than on the previous two books. The model representing Holden – oh haaaaay, you caught my attention! It’s like there’s a fire behind him, which is perfect because this book is HAWT!

Review 4.8 / 5

I have to start at the end because the ending of this book gave me chills! I had literal goosebumps when I was reading the last chapter or two. Phewww, this book was a lot and I loved it so much. But don’t you dare sneak ahead and flip through to the last pages before you read this entire book. You don’t deserve the ending before reading everything before it! You need to experience the entire journey and go through all of the ups-and-downs with Holden and Julep, and that’s what makes the ending … just everything. Ugh, I loved it.

Now that I’ve started at the end, let me start somewhere towards the beginning. This is book #3 in this series and I really loved book #2, “Blind Side”, which I also gave a 4.8 out of 5 rating. This third book is just as good, different in all the ways that matter most, as well as similar in all the most perfect ways. Now I’ll admit that I haven’t read too many Kandi Steiner books (so far only a handful but don’t worry because this is something that I am quickly remedying!), but I’ve found that her books are all really steamy and addicting. They also have a level of complexity to the characters that really dramatically enhances the attraction and chemistry between the two main characters. In. Every. Single. Book! And that’s Steiner’s special sauce. And THAT is my favorite thing about her books – the extreme chemistry between the two main characters – the chemistry is soooo amazing that it’s almost as if you could cut it with a knife! Just rip me off a piece of it – grrrr!

This book focuses on Holden, Mr. Heartthrob Quarterback, and Coach Lee’s daughter, Julep. Oh what to say about these two? They’re so beautifully broken and beautiful survivors all at the same time. The parts about their existence and lives that are really broken are heartbreaking – yet – they give such insight and depth to both of their characters. You feel devastated the more that is revealed, but you love it when they begin to reveal it to each other. It basically makes you melt!

Holden is such a great guy. Can I just say it? He is!! He’s the entire package: Mr. Heartthrob, big man on campus, quarterback, kind, smart, funny, driven, a leader, sexy AF… shall I continue? I don’t think there was one part of his character that Steiner didn’t have me swooning over. Oh hummm. Then in walks Julep… oh how I loved their meet-cute! The one rule that Coach Lee put in place was that his daughter was off limits… well, we all know how that will go, don’t we? Mmm-hmm. But the undeniable attraction between Julep and Holden just can’t be stopped. And I loved every-sing-minute-of-it!!!! Further, I absolutely loved their cat-and-mouse game. You go, Holden! Get your girl. But as all of that kind of light-hearted and sexy fun is going on, Julep is truly tackling some major demons. And it’s hard! It’s hard to read, because you feel so deeply for her and all that she’s been through and is going through. You just want to give her a hug, tell her that she’s OK and that she can get through this!

This story is hard to talk about without giving up spoilers all over the place… I’ve been trying! I really have, but it’s so damn hard. But let me leave you with this: the writing is spectacular, the story and characters are fantastic. The depth and complexity of Steiner’s writing is so on point. The emotion that is provoked is just right – but it does provoke pulling on your heart strings – both the sad and happy strings. As previously stated, I really (like really, REALLY) loved “Blind Side” and this book is just as good. For me the attraction and steam factor that I loved about “Blind Side” is no less here, but the emotions that Steiner provokes in this book make the tone of it very different. And I dig it! And then – AND THEN – does Steiner ever leave us with a teaser for book #4! As if I thought she couldn’t do any better, along she comes with the next book. Well, I for one cannot wait, and I will most certainly be dropping down the Kandi Steiner rabbit hole and binging her books until the release for book #4 in this series. Good luck topping book #2 and now this third one… but here I thought you couldn’t best “Blind Side” … yet you did. 😉


Quarterback Holden Moore can have any girl he wants.

Except me: the coach’s daughter.

With piercing green eyes, herculean biceps, and irresistible dimples, Holden is the number one target for every girl on campus. But according to his teammates, football is the only love of his life.

He’s their leader, their QB1 and team captain who is all business and no play.

But when I’m with him? Mr. Serious isn’t serious at all. He loves to push my buttons, to pin me with those sexy eyes of his and tease me until I bite back.

I remind him I’m off limits.

He can’t have me, and I don’t want him — or anyone else, for that matter.

I’m here for one reason: to show my father I’m more than his greatest disappointment.

But when an old injury flares up and I’m forced to work with Holden every day as his athletic trainer, his attempts to get under my skin start becoming harder to resist.

We can’t give in, no matter how much the air crackles between us when we’re close.

I’m the coach’s daughter, and if Holden Moore wants to go pro, he’s got to play by daddy’s rules.

Otherwise, he’ll be off the team.

And he’s not the only one with something to lose.

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