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November 22, 2022

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The Joy Of Us (Love in Isolation book 6)

by Kennedy Fox

Reviewed November 22, 2022

“You sound awfully confident,” I taunt as he lifts me, then hauls me over his shoulder like a possessive mountain man. “Levi! Put me down!” “For the next few hours, your body is mine, Fallon.” Hours? Is he serious? His hold on me tightens as he takes the stairs. “Levi…I can walk.” He chuckles. “You won’t be saying that tomorrow.” I groan, kicking my feet. He locks his arms around me. “You’re about to see my possessive side, baby. We aren’t leaving my bed until you’ve counted to five.” 

Design 5/5

I don’t even need to talk about this design… pfff. It’s gorgeous. I’ve talked about the design of this series before and it’s complete and utter beauty and perfection. (See my review of The Fall of Us, because I’m not going to repeat all the praise here – it would all be the same anyway). I love the contemporary nature of the design, and how the little tweaks, nuances, and expressions of the models distinguish each of the covers to make them unique in one way or another to that particular story. For this book, the word “Joy” and the use of the holiday green along with Fallon’s shirt that is holiday red. Well done, design team, well done – tying the holidays into this sweet and sexy image. I have such design envy over this series’ design *oh hum*. A+ job!

Review 5/5

Dear Levi,

I lusted – I mean loved – you when I first met you in The Fall of Us, and I lusted – I mean loved – you even more in The Joy of Us. Your charm, charisma, confidence and even your cockiness, mixed with your disposition and joy are infectious and oh so sexy. Then to learn you are so possessive… I lust you so much! … Wait, I mean love – I love you so much. Your dirty mouth and bedroom skills just round out the entire package that is the uniqueness that is you. Can I also draw special attention to your pet names, and what they do to me? You can call me your “love” or “sweetheart” or “babe” – whatever you want, baby! And if all of this weren’t enough to make any woman swoon over- and drool for you, the fact that you’re a devoted family man and that you cook and clean… oh, I lust you so much.

Forever yours,
The HEA Blog

PS – I know how to count to 5, too. … Just sayin’…. Call me! 😉

All Levi fangirling aside (although I don’t know how that’s possible), I really love-loved this book (and not just Levi) so, so much. The Love in Isolation series has been really amazing with each book being amazing in its own right, and the angle of this book with this reverse grumpy/sunshine trope was fantastic. Levi and all of his sunshine glory really made my heart feel warm and fuzzy. His disposition is so attractive and swoon-worthy, that you find yourself almost falling over yourself to get more of him (I have the bruises to prove it, ladies!). The Kennedy Fox (KF) gals wrote him as the most perfect specimen of a man… it’s OK, let yourself swoon for a minute – he’s so worthy of it. He’s loyal, hardworking, a family man, he’s funny and smart, he’s sexy AF, but he’s got a mouth on him! Phewwww-y! And if that weren’t enough to make him the ultimate dreamboat, he’s always happy and positive – and who doesn’t find that to be one of the biggest turn-ons, like ever? Throw in a possessive flair, and daaaaang! KF has created the perfect man. Yum.

To Levi’s sunshine, KF pairs him with the grumpy heroine. But don’t be hating on Fallon, because girl is fly! She’s smart, sassy, sexy, sarcastic, she is confident in who she is (except for some minor insecurity hang ups, but who doesn’t have those?), she’s so talented and beautiful. I want this girl in my life, as my friend, because you just know girlfriend will have your back no matter what! I loved her smart mouth, her verbal duels, and killer looks were everything. She was (of course) the perfect pairing for Levi with their opposing characteristics, but they had so many in common too. But the chemistry that this creates between the two is infectious and is like a powder keg waiting to ignite (or combust) from their attraction. You’re hanging on by a thread, just waiting – waiting – for that moment.. Teetering on the edge, begging them to give in, to just let lust take over. Oh it’s such sweet torture.

There were so many parts of this book that I loved for such specific reasons: the characters, the setting, the story as a whole, the message that it sends, the jokes, the attraction, the love, the sex, and the fact that this story reinforces that there is such a thing as soulmates – and despite life’s challenges, karma and the universe will do its job, but it’s also up to you to listen (to your heart) and do your part – and sometimes just get out of your own way. That said, there were a few parts of the story that were just… everything. Which you ask? Oh let me tell you some (sans spoiler): Oakley’s advice to Fallon, it gave me goosebumps! The fact that Oakley understood the upcoming predicament and shed insight to try to help Fallon avoid some of the inevitable heartache that Oakley had to find out the hard way… Oh my heart! And then – and then – that email at the end. Oh-my-gaawd it was just… everything. I swooned so hard and fell in love with both Fallon and Levi, even though I thought I couldn’t love them more than I already did. I loved their happily ever after – I loved it so hard! But I have a gripe with you Brooke and Lyra (the KF gals, in case you didn’t know their names): where is the teaser for the next book? Hmmm? Because you did NOT just end this series on me?! I take personal offense to this if you did. Perhaps I missed an announcement about that (highly unlikely considering how all your announcements and socials are all up on my feed like it’s their job), and if I did – DANG! If I didn’t and this was your announcement-without-being-an-announcement that this was the last book in the series… well, it’s a GREAT effing way to end this series, buuuuut I don’t want it to end!!! And yes, I said that in my most annoying and whiny voice. I seriously did not want this story to end. I just wanted more, and this book made me thirsty (for more), and salty (if this was the last book).

The Joy of Us was definitely amazing and so perfect for this time of year, right before Xmas. I could almost envision this as a Hallmark movie solely due to the setting and all of its scenery that you create for us. It sounds beautiful on the farm, and I still have all of my paints packed from The Fall of US, and I’m Googling the White Christmas Tree Farm right now, “Hey Siri, show me directions to the White Christmas Tree Farm in Vermont.” Levi, I’m coming for you!


What happens when your rental cabin ends up being a scam and you’re forced to stay with a sexy lumberjack? You try to avoid him and his annoying Christmas spirit because the last thing you have time for is love.

The Joy of Us is a reverse grumpy/sunshine, close proximity romance.

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