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November 15, 2021

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Crank – A Dark MC Romance

by Caitlyn Dare

Reviewed March 5, 2022

“I’m playing with fire, but right now, I’m fucking desperate to get burned. I love the chase. I’ll be the first to admit that, and Quinn, fuck. She’s giving me the chase of my life right now. A smile twitches at my lips when she shudders against my touch. Fuck yeah. The prize is going to be so fucking worth it.”

Design: 4.6 stars

The design of this entire series is solid! From the series logo itself on the cover of each book, to the extremely hot cover model with his/her suggestive pose/look/oozing sex appeal, to the title’s font choice. It is just all-around really solid and what’s more – it is perfect for the subject of the book. I’ll admit that the cover is what enticed me on the very first book – it got my attention and the rest was history! But I just love the juxtaposition of the darkness and grainy nature (yet very clear photo) of the model with the imperfect title font. And let me just take a moment and say, “holy hotness on a stick” for the cover models! Phewww. The interior’s design is somewhat standard, but nicely done. The chapter starters and character name is nice in its simplicity with the body text working out great. All-in-all, I’m a big fan of the design of this series. Looove it!

Review: 5.0 hearts

Holy-fucking-shit! I am so addicted to this series. Caitlyn Dare’s Red Ridge Sinners MC series popped my MC cherry – it has been my first dive into the world of romantic MC books, and what an experience it has been. The first four books (“Savage,” “Sacrifice,” “Sacred,” and “Sever”) were so incredibly addicting, the story so captivating with all of its plot twists and turns, interesting characters and character dynamics, as well as the fantastic story and some of the hottest and steamy romance scenes I’ve read in a long time. Those four books are definitely meant to be read together, whereas this book, “Crank,” can be read as a stand-alone – however – don’t. Just don’t. Read the first four, then read this one, then continue onto the next three – and even then it still won’t be enough. Trust me.

“Crank” focuses on the dynamic between Quinn and Crank, she’s the Sinner’s ex VP’s daughter – a club princess – while Crank is the new VP of the once rival MC that has now been patched over – making them all Sinners. Since they first met, there’s been an undeniable attraction, but Crank is older by almost ten years and Quinn wants nothing to do with him – or so she tells herself, and him. She wants more than a life in the MC, yet despite her best efforts, she can’t stop the attraction between her and Crank. Crank doesn’t help her much with that due to his constant advances. You can almost feel the electricity in the air between them – it is truly addicting.

Crank has been incredibly unapologetic about his advances and attraction to Quinn since they first met, yet he’s created a sort of cat-and-mouse game with her. At every turn she tells him she’s not interested, but he knows it isn’t true – regardless of how vehemently she tells him how uninterested she is. This just makes the dynamic between the two all the more enticing and addicting. You are so involved and truly addicted to this story and are literally hanging on every single word – I think that this is Caitlyn Dare’s superpower. Crank got himself into the cat-and-mouse game because, at first, he’s been holding back to a certain extent in his pursuits of Quinn – his initial advances are all due to the undeniable attraction that he has for her and the excitement of the chase – but he doesn’t full-on pursue her because of various factors that Caitlyn Dare reveals to us while building up the story (like the fact that Quinn is a Sinner’s princess and you don’t just go after a princess), the character development, and also the tension that we quickly become so addicted to.

As the story evolves, as does their dynamic and it is so riveting – a complete page turner. The electricity in the air between Quinn and Crank is addicting and their back-and-forth volley is so entertaining. What accentuates it is a combination of both of their physical attractiveness as well as their engaging and appealing personalities. Quinn is described as a feisty red head who has curves in all the right places, while Crank is your typical hot-as-sin tatted, alpha biker (let’s break here for a moment to appreciate the sexiness of the main characters, just look at the cover art and it’ll have you hot and bothered).

That said, let me add this: one of the main things that I love about Caitlyn Dare’s writing in this genre is how she sets her main characters up. Most MC stories have a mixture of male dominance, possessiveness and even male chauvinism – and sure, there’s a fair share here – the ownership and possessiveness is not lacking in this series – but Dare’s writing makes it so hot and she does it in a respectful way to women. And so you find yourself liking it a little too much even… You find yourself wanting your very own sexy, hot, fierce, and tattooed biker to claim you as his own when you’re reading this. And the female lead characters allow this behavior to a certain extent, that’s just part of the story’s build-up, and it seems to be part of the culture of these MCs. BUT what I find differentiates Dare from a lot of others in this MC story-telling world is that her female characters are ultimately the boss – they are badass bitchess who ultimately have all of the control and power in one way or another. And that is part of the great plot twist that makes these books so incredible – and allow you to see past some of the implied chauvinism and male possessiveness that otherwise might be off-putting to some. I believe that this factor in Dare’s writing is a major part in making her stories so successful, enticing, and riveting. In the character development of each lead, she reveals to the reader their strengths, weaknesses as well as their insecurities and fierceness – it is the combination of those factors and the clash of those characteristics with the other main character(s) that is so riveting. Well, that and the amazing story, plot twists, and boundary-pushing (at times) sex scenes. The sex scenes in the first four books (“Savage,” “Sacrifice,” “Sacred,” and “Sever”) were definitely not vanilla or your typical run-of-the-mill sex scenes and some might say risque at times – but they were so incredibly steamy! In comparison, Dare brings the sex scenes in this book to “normal” levels – that is, it’s just between one man and one woman and not a poly-relationship – leaving us with some incredible chemistry and steam between Quinn and Crank that has us panting for more… like quite literally because the book ends way too soon – I would happily have read one or two (or ten) more chapters about Quinn and Crank.

Start this off right, start the series at “Savage” and then work your way through the series – clear your week and get lost in this incredible story of the Sinners MC in Savage Falls, you won’t be sorry!

Excerpt from Amazon

Bestselling author of the Savage Falls Sinners MC series, Caitlyn Dare, brings you a new, dark enemies to lovers crossover novella. “My name is Quinn Renshaw, and my father is the VP of the Savage Falls Sinners MC. But I refuse to be a club princess. I want more from life. I want to graduate and go to college and spread my wings. I want a life beyond Savage Falls and club life. Until him. Killian Crankton, VP of the Red Ridge Reapers. He looks at me and I feel things. Things I don’t want to feel. Dangerous, deadly things. Things that will end up with my heart in tatters. Because I’m about to find out that Crank will do anything to get what he wants. Especially me.”

CRANK is an age gap, opposites attract crossover story set in the Sinners MC world but it can be read as a standalone. If possessive, tattooed, motorcycle-riding alphaholes aren’t your thing, you probably won’t like this book!

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