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June 7, 2022

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Tempting the Cowboy

by Kennedy Fox

Reviewed June 7, 2022

“Say it, Ivy. Say you forgive me for not being able to control myself when it comes to you.” … “Fine, you sadist! I’ll forgive you this one time. You act like a caveman again, it’s gonna take more than oral for me to drop it.” I smirk, “I’ll do whatever I need to protect what’s mine, sweetheart.”

Design: 5/5

I have loved the cover design of this entire series from the very first book! This cover is no exception. I love the branding that they’ve created with the series from the style of the imagery, the background, the fonts, and then how they change the color of each book to represent and individualize each book. The distressed font of the title is so perfect for the whole cowboy aspect. And let me just say that each and every cowboy that graces the cover is oh-so-effing-hot! I’m talking in general terms about the series and not really distinguishing that from this book’s cover too much, because this design review applies to them all. I totally and completely wish that I had designed this series – I have designer envy!

Review: 5/5

Sizzle, sizzle, flame scorcher! This book is so hot that it should be illegal! The Kennedy Fox (KF) gals will not just turn ya on but they’ll make you blush a time or two while reading this – for sure! And they will surprise you with a few twists and turns… I will never look at a cannoli the same way again!

Now, I gotta preface this review by saying that the entire Bishop family series is one of my top 5 favorite series of all times and I do have a few favorite books in the series – the bar has been set high. The book before this one, Knox and Hadleigh’s story, is a really tough one to follow because that one was HAF! It might be KF’s hottest book to date…. way to set the bar high, ladies! But we got a glimpse of Kane in that one and who didn’t fall in love with him? Seriously!??! And Kane and Ivy – wow.

Let’s do the checklist run-through: cowboy, check. Younger girl, check. Best friend’s little sister, check. Forbidden romance, check. Sneaking around, check… should I continue? Their attraction, their chemistry, their meet-cue at the hospital – it is all so perfectly fantastic. Ivy’s naïveté and curiosity along with Kane’s reserved nature yet his bedroom manners… fan yourselves off a minute… this mixture is just so perfect. I loved their HEA too – it was so sweet. And per their usual devilish selves, the Kennedy Fox gals left us all on yet another cliffhanger that physically hurts. When is the next book coming out? Tomorrow? Can you ARC me now???? Ugh the sweet torture that is a KF book… it is never enough! They’re like sexy potato chips, you can’t just have one.

So moment of truth: I was so totally-one-hundred-percent “in” after reading Knox and Hadleigh (book 7) and then the KF she-devils started teasing this book, book 8, and I was totally on pins and needles waiting for it. I kid you not that I believe book 7 might be their sexiest book to date, and I’ve read all of their books!!! But their marketing for this book was so incredible and their usual cliff-hangers are soooo good that I couldn’t wait for this book. Why am I spewing all of that? Because book 7 is a tough act to follow! But I had totally fallen for Kane as a character in book 7, he’s so sweet and loyal and checks so many boxes – while his bedroom manners were a total surprise!!! Holy hell ladies! Way to spin that one and surprise us. Phewwwwww that flushed my cheeks for a minute.

So I was excited to see how Kane would be written in this book. And let me tell you, KF did NOT disappoint. Hot. Steamy. Sexy. Make me blush!!!! And the pairing with Ivy’s character for Kane, although you might raise a brow at it, they made it perfect. His sweetness was the perfect match for her naivete and curiosity. She was just as sweet, honest, loyal and sexy (in her own way). But their attraction was so undeniable. And sure, the twists and turns of the plot were of course great – as was the writing, because duh! The writing is always on point. But my favorite parts of this book all revolved around the “holy shit” moments where KF just blew my socks off! I couldn’t even in my wildest imagination anticipate some of their twists and turns… but isn’t that just a mark of amazing writing? I think so! And let me tell you, when you get to the cannoli part… giiiiiiiiiirlfriend! Mmm hmmm hmmm. Dump a bucket of ice water over me to cool me off after that! Phewww.

So obviously after that little turned-on rant, of course I’m recommending this book. I recommend the whole damn series! If you like HEA books -and cowboys – this series is a MUST-READ! You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will want to move to Texas, to Eldorado in particular, and somehow marry into the Bishop family… are there any Bishop men left? Hot, single ranch hands? If not, are they adopting?

Amazon excerpt:

Kane Bishop’s content with living and working on the ranch, but something is missing—a family of his own. After his twin brother married the woman he once loved, Kane has moved on and is now focusing on new things. When his best friend’s little sister re-enters his life, the attraction is undeniable, but the timing is all wrong.

He should keep his distance and not tempt fate, but he can’t get her out of his head.

Ivy’s had a secret crush on Kane for as long as she can remember. Although she’s an introverted bookworm who hasn’t dated much, she’s ready to go after him. He might be a six-foot-three, inked, muscular god who’s out of her league, but she wants him to be her first and only.

She’ll risk it all to get his attention, but it won’t be easy since he’s off-limits.

Giving in to temptation doesn’t come without consequences—it’ll either bring them together or tear them apart.

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