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February 15, 2022

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The Heart of Us

by Kennedy Fox

Reviewed March 23, 2022

"I want you to want me as much as I want you.” “Already done, my love. I’ve been infatuated since the moment we met. That turned to an addiction to see you every chance I could, and now I’m obsessed. I need you in my life. Have no doubt that my world revolves around you completely."

Design: 5/5

I am obsessed with the design of this entire series – and it doesn’t matter if I’m referring to the actual covers or the covert covers. They are beautiful and provocative, and so contemporary. The simplicity of them just highlights their complexity. They are so sexy and just gorgeous. And the covert covers… ugh! So beautiful too. I don’t even have to say anything more – these books are through-and-through perfectly designed. I so wish that I would have designed them – all of them.

Review: 5/5

The “Love in Isolation” series books just keep getting better and better – they’re like fine wine! Mmmm so good! Now, I must admit that I completely fell head over heels in love with book number three, Piper and Tristan’s story, and I just wasn’t sure if the Kennedy Fox gals could top that one. Well…. they just may have – or at least gave it one-hell-of-a run for its metaphorical money.

The characters, Easton and Tatum, in “The Heart of Us,” ughhh, they are so incredible that I completely fell in love with both of them right away. And but OF COURSE they’re perfect for one another, but like seriously – sooo perfect for one another. The story is incredible, working in tandem with the series’ theme – the character development is on point as is the writing (but of course the writing of Kennedy Fox is on point, like duh). Yet another KF book that you just can’t put down. And here’s yet another couple-pairing where the characters are so damn endearing and genuine that you develop some serious literary crushes – and you break a little inside when the book ends… leaving you just wanting more, and more, and more. Good thing Oakley’s story is next, but every waiting period for a KF book is like torture… guess it’s a good thing they’ve released like 40 books and one can keep oneself busy reading and re-reading and re-reading until the next book release!

We get a glimpse of Easton, the male lead in this book, in book number three – and you just love him right off the bat in that book. But you 100% fall in love with him as soon as you crack this book open – and for me, the dynamic between him and Tatum (the heroin in this book) is what this book truly revolves around. You get to know these two characters almost exclusively due to the dynamic between the two, which is just incredible. Tatum is so kind and open to experiencing the world, despite what her story is, where she’s been, what she’s been through, and why she ended up working in Easton’s shop and living across the hall from him. Her story, her secrets – combine those with her insecurities and self-preservation – and then throw in the undeniable attraction between the two main characters which is just fire. But they try to deny it – or they’re just unsure if the other feels the same way. And it is so real because how many of us have felt the same way when we have a crush on someone but don’t know if they feel the same
way and we ask ourselves things like, “did they feel that spark, did that look mean something to them like it meant to me?” Well, Tatum and Easton start this book off with asking the same types of questions and dancing around their attraction. Combine that with their age difference – their dance is so incredibly fun to watch and see the relationship develop as a result while we get to know the two. And it’s funny, too!

With all of that build-up – with bated breath waiting to see if they will or won’t – while more of their stories are revealed to us, the plot twists and the truths revealed have your jaw dropping more than once and more than twice. Your heart will hurt for Tatum and what she’s been through, but what comforts you in those moments is Easton’s compassion and his caring for her. It soothes the hurt for her, as well as for you as the reader. And so when we finally get to the steamy sex scenes, you fist pump the air and just find yourself going, “Yessss!” You’ve waited so long for this, and it’s just all that you imagined it would be. But much like your typical KF story, the sex scenes reflect the characters and their particular relationship – and Easton and Tatum’s is so sweet and kind, of course it is hot and steamy, but above all it makes you feel so good, but of who they are as individuals and then who they are as a couple. It is just pure perfection – and O-M-G the ending of this book…. It is just everything!

Bravo Kennedy Fox, you did it again! I don’t know how they seem to surpass themselves with each and every book – with each and every story – but they do! The worlds that they create – the lives that they bring to life – the webs that the spin – I am addicted!

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What happens when you’re on the run from your psycho ex-husband and your sexy younger boss goes into hiding with you to keep you safe? You slowly remember what it’s like to fall in love and hope he feels it too.

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